“LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness” | 14-21 Oct 2018 | Ubud, Bali (English)


This is for YOU
  • Do you feel it is time for a new challenge? Perhaps a change of job, because you don’t have the vocation for the workings you do at the moment? Or maybe time to get that promotion you’ve been working for? Time to surpass targets and truly accelerate your business?
  • Does stress negatively impact your work and life?
  • Has it become hard to hold on to ambition with the tolls of a busy every day schedules?
  • Have you lost clarity of the big picture vision of your goals and dreams in your professional pursuits?
  • Do you struggle to find balance and prioritize the right things, in and outside the office?
  • Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by your responsibilities in your business, family and personal life?
  • Do you wish you could communicate more effectively, clearly, and with full honesty with your clients, managers, colleagues or employees?
If you can answer one or more of these questions with “yes” it is time for a change! Let us invite you to an extraordinary adventure, the adventure of exploring your own mind, body and soul.

Join us on a beautiful journey to Bali and to YOURSELF. Bali is a unique place in the world where the culture, nature and energy create the perfect space to dive in the most transformational experiences.

Our innovative program LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness will change you and you will find your way back to your own creativity, joy and mindfulness.

You don’t feel like a leader? Everyone is a leader, the leader of his own life in business, family and personal.

Spend a week in the beautiful landscape and culture of Bali. It will be a combination of Yoga, Meditation, Beach life, Balinese Culture and excursions to interesting spots around.